The Old Way

Using different browsers for each account

The New Way

With the DOLPHIN - all control in one window




Business manager

Advertising Management




Refferal Program

Mass creation
of ads

Comment moderation

  • Statistics on all accounts in one window
  • Flexible filtration system
  • Integration with trackers
  • Export of statistics exel, CSV, PDF
  • Adjusting the statistics columns
  • Output of information and limits of billing
  • Notification about the following billing
  • The software is installed on your server
  • All account data is stored on your server only.
  • No one has access to your accounts.
  • Business manager creation
  • Ad accounts creation
  • Fan Page creation
  • Binding of billing cards
  • Change of the advertising GEO
  • Pixel creation
  • Start and stop campaigns/adsets/ads
  • Duplication
  • Deletion
  • Budget editing
  • Installation templates of rules service API
  • Team role creation
  • Assigning resources to a team member
  • Viewing statistics for each team member
  • Ad moderation
  • Change of ads statuses
  • Token status
  • Ad account status
  • Notifications of approaching billing
  • Notifications at Telegram
  • Creating Rule Templates
  • Creating Rule Groups
  • Application in a couple of clicks on all ad accounts
  • Application to all social accounts
  • 15% referral fee
  • Openness to cooperation and collaboration
  • Create a saved campaings in the service
  • Mass creation of campaings in a couple of clicks on dozens of accounts with automatics uniqueization of each ads
  • Autocleaning of comments
  • Manual moderation of comments
  • Отзывы

    Bogdan Novatorski
    I work with Dolphin here's my little review: From the public autocreationg ads, dolphin now is best. It's all done very conveniently and easily. Read more
    GipsyLand | Media Buying Agency
    Our main vertical is nutra/adult COD and we work with a large number of accounts. Thanks to Dolphin functionality we have increased efficiency for our team. Read more
    Bearded Affiliate
    I have tested all available mass-creation of ads services on the market and the Dolphin the most flexible in the settings of ad targeting and usability now.


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