The Old Way

Using different browsers for each account

The New Way

With the DOLPHIN - all control in one window

Ads Creation

Dolphin can create dozens of ad campaigns
in different ad accounts. Look how it works.
Saved Ad Campaign
in Dolphin

Ad account 1

Ad account 2

Dozens of other ad accounts


Ad account 21




Business manager

Advertising Management




Refferal Program

Mass creation
of ads

Comment moderation

  • Statistics on all accounts in one window
  • Flexible filtration system
  • Integration with trackers
  • Export of statistics exel, CSV, PDF
  • Adjusting the statistics columns
  • Output of information and limits of billing
  • Notification about the following billing
  • The software is installed on your server
  • All account data is stored on your server only.
  • No one has access to your accounts.
  • Business manager creation
  • Ad accounts creation
  • Fan Page creation
  • Binding of billing cards
  • Change of the advertising GEO
  • Pixel creation
  • Start and stop campaigns/adsets/ads
  • Duplication
  • Deletion
  • Budget editing
  • Installation templates of rules service API
  • Team role creation
  • Assigning resources to a team member
  • Viewing statistics for each team member
  • Ad moderation
  • Change of ads statuses
  • Token status
  • Ad account status
  • Notifications of approaching billing
  • Notifications at Telegram
  • Creating Rule Templates
  • Creating Rule Groups
  • Application in a couple of clicks on all ad accounts
  • Application to all social accounts
  • 15% referral fee
  • Openness to cooperation and collaboration
  • Create a saved campaings in the service
  • Mass creation of campaings in a couple of clicks on dozens of accounts with automatics uniqueization of each ads
  • Autocleaning of comments
  • Manual moderation of comments
  • Reviews

    Bogdan Novatorski
    I work with Dolphin here's my little review: From the public Ads creation automatisation tools, dolphin now is the best. It's all done very conveniently and easily. Read more
    GipsyLand | Media Buying Agency
    Our main vertical is nutra/adult COD and we work with a large number of accounts. Thanks to Dolphin functionality we have increased efficiency for our team. Read more
    Bearded Affiliate
    I have tested all available ads creation automatisation services on the market and the Dolphin the most flexible in the settings of ad targeting and usability now.
    As a Teamlead, it is very important for me to quickly track statistics on several hundred ad accounts per day, both in terms of Offer and Geo. And in general, what can your imagination come up with? Читать дальше


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